Laboratory Consumables

Glassco is a producer of high-quality Lab Glassware and Instruments for more than 50 years and exporting to 80 countries. Glassco export a wide range of standard glassware, according to DIN, JIS, ISO, and ASTM standards from one production facility.

Recently, Glassco started manufacturing Disposable Glassware like Test Tubes, Pasteur Pipettes, Culture Tubes, and Chromatography Vials, a milestone achieved in Glassco Laboratories, having a capacity of producing one million pieces per day.

Glassco is the first company to enable QR Code on the lab glass, which helps the users access all relevant information about the product within a fraction of seconds by simply scanning the code through their smartphones. Offering a QR Code on our volumetric flasks adds up to our innovation portfolio. 

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