Yantra 09 Plastic Tank

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 Generates vapor of oxidizing free radicals out of H2o2 disinfectants.

* Gas like diffusion.

* High volume of aerosol output.

* Large area coverage with complete coverage accuracy.

* Shorter treatment time & treats more rooms without stopping.

* 3D aerosol contact, very thin film deposition.

* Sturdier, least maintenance & long lasting.

* Complete kill: Virus /Bacteria/ Spores.

Advanced Airborne  Disinfection System:

  • Dry aerosol fog of oxidizing free radicals out of H202 disinfectants.
  • Gas like diffusion with high volume output
  • 3D contact with Large area coverage accuracy
  • Very thin film deposition, no excessive wetness.
  • Treats larger area without stopping, continuous Duty Hour: 60minute
  • Space treatment : Up to 16000 cuft, Time for 8000cuft : 36 minute.
  • Sturdier, least maintenance & long lasting.


  • Hospitals: Operation theatres, ICUs
  • Pharmaceutical Plants: Sterile areas, clean rooms
  • Laboratories : Microbiology, Tissue culture Food processing, Dairy indust., Animal Houses, Hatcheries, Sericulture.
  • Disinfection treatment again disease outbreak & Epidemic.

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Automatic Dosing 45ml/min
Treatment of 1000cuft space 200ml. disinfectant soIn, Or 7ML/M3
Motor Housing Special Cooling vents for air cooling of turbo motor.
Space Treatment upto 16000 cu. ft
Solution Tank Assembly 9 Liter, SS Gr. 304
Delay Time or Auto Switch off Timer 0-60mins

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