RBO Single-Channel Fixed Volume Pipette 2µL

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    • MICROLIT RBO is a range of High Precision Micropipettes that offers a sophisticated blend of features and functionality.
    • Use Various Tips with a Universal Tipcone
      A Universal Tipcone enhances the compatibility of the instrument and enables it to easily work with most of the internationally accepted standard tips.
    • Store Safely with a Holder
      The instrument includes a Holder that enables easy, efficient and safe storage.
    • Eject Tips Easily with a Tip Ejector
      An in-built, streamlined Tip Ejector enables easy tip ejection and comfortable access to bottles and tubes with narrow necks.
    • with ISO 8655 Conformed Calibration
    • MICROLIT RBO is calibrated in an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory according to ISO 8655 standards. A calibration certificate is included inside 

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    Volume Range 2.0µL
    CV ± 0.05µL
    CV ± 0.05µL

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