Miniatured Fixed Volume Pipette 10μl with Tip Ejector

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  • Microlit Lilpet Pro is the world’s first miniature pipette with a tip ejector.
  • The two step plunger operation of Lilpet Pro ensures last drop dispensing to achieve the prescribed accuracy and coefficient of variation as per ISO standards. The ergonomic and intuitive design of the product helps in performing sensitive operations with high precision, accuracy and reliability in practical laboratory environments.
  • Operate Accurately with Two-step Plunger Operation MICROLIT LILPET PRO comes with Two-step Plunger Operation that facilitates reverse pipetting and ensures last drop dispensing.
  • Eject used tips safely with built-in Tip Ejector MICROLIT LILPET PRO comes with a built-in tip ejector that facilitates safe ejection of used tip after pipetting.
  • Handle a Range of Volumes The instrument’s tip cone (5 μl, 10 μl, 20 μl) is designed to accept both micro tips of 200 μL capacity and ultra-micro tips of 20 μl capacity. The use of latter significantly enhances accuracy and precision in practical laboratory environments.
  • Designed for Comfortable Usage MICROLIT LILPET PRO has an optimum size – 130 mm in length – for high user comfort during pipetting.While using, hold it like a pipette, and not a syringe.
  • Offered in 7 Fixed Capacities MICROLIT LILPET PRO is offered in 7 fixed capacities or volumes – 5 μl, 10 μl, 20 μl, 25 μl, 50 μl, 100 μl and 200 μl. 
  • Assured Quality with ISO 8655 Confirmed Calibration MICROLIT LILPET PRO is calibrated in an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory according to ISO 8655 standards

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Volume Range 10.0µL
Accuracy ± 1.2%
CV ±0.8%

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