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MICROLIT LENTUS™ is a Bottle Top Dispenser (BTD) designed to provide precision and safety in Hydrofluoric Acid dispensing.

  • Microlit Lentus bottle top dispenser with patented dual inlet technology adds functionality to dispense reagents from 2 inlets and enhances your productivity with four modes of operation; rinsing, dilution, re-filling and purging.
  • It is the only bottle top dispenser in the series that is made to endure aggressive chemicals like Hydrofluoric Acid.
  • The Microlit Lentus can be used for trace analysis experiments when cleaned thoroughly first with pure chemicals like acetone 20% HCL, 30% HNO3 and de-ionized water
  • The Microlit Lentus bottle top dispenser features a recirculating valve, patented springless valve technology and a PTFE piston to make the Microlit Lentus a universal bottle top dispenser that can be conveniently used with both organic and inorganic reagents.
  • The Microlit Lentus bottle top dispenser recirculating valve prevents the loss of reagents during purging by re-directing them into the mounted bottle.
  • The Microlit Lentus bottle top dispenser also has two product innovations; EasyKnob and FlexiNozzle that optimize the user experience.

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Volume Range 1-10ml
Increment 0.2ml
CV ± 0.060 ml
CV ± 0.020 ml

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