LadoSure 121°C TST Assurance Bowie Dick Test Pack

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  • Designed for 7KG. Steam Sterilization Load.
  • 121°C for 8.3 mins. or 134°C for 3.5 mins.
  • Indicator Ink Lead Free.
  • Color Change – Green to Purple.
  • Comply with ISO 11140-4, TYPE 2.
  • Indicator Sheet can be kept for Record.

Indications For Use The LadoSure Air Removal Bowie-Dick Test Pack is for daily monitoring of pre-vacuum steam sterilizers operating at 121°C for 8.3 minutes or 134°C for 3.5 minutes. 

Color Change The indicator will change to Purple when exposed to steam sterilization cycle with acceptable vacuum cycles.

Directions For Use 

The Bowie-Dick Test is conducted each day in an empty sterilizer prior to processing any loads.

 1. Run a shortened cycle (omitting the drying phase) to properly heat the sterilizer. 

2. Place the test pack on the bottom rack of the sterilizer nearest to the drain. 

3. Run the sterilizer for 8.3 minutes at 121°C or 134°C for 3.5 minutes..

4. Remove the test pack from the sterilizer and allow the pack to cool. Do not place on a cold surface.     Pull easy open zip tab across box front to open. 

5. Remove indicator sheet from the pack and dispose remaining pack materials.

Interpretation1. If the sterilizer is functioning properly, the indicator will show a uniform color changed to Purple through out the universal pattern. The PASS result is a universal Purple colour all over the uniform pattern of the indicator sheet.

The FAIL condition will not be uniform colour in the center or edges.

Storage Store unexposed packs at normal room temperature 15°– 30°C and store exposed indicator sheets away from light sources

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Lot Number, Expiry Date & Manufacture Date : LOT No., Expiry Date and Manufacture Date is printed on each indicator sheet. 

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