ky-SIT Autoclave EO Indicator Tape 24 mm x 50 mm

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ky-SIT Autoclave EO Indicator Tape 24 mm x 50 mm

  • Self-Adhesive & Double Fold Indicator Label.
  • Word “EO” will change color when exposed.
  • Non-toxic and Lead free process indicator.
  • Color Change – Blue to Golden/Brown.
  • Comply with ISO 11140-1, TYPE 1.

The ky - SIT - EO ( Ethylene Oxide Indicator Tape) is designed for use in ethylene oxide (EO) sterilizers operating at 600mg/l EO gas, 40-60% Relative Humidity, 54°C for 45 minutes or longer. The word EO colour turns blue to Golden/Brown after exposure to an EO gas sterilization process, thus providing identification of processed items.

Performance Characteristics : The word EO on the tape will turn from blue to Golden/Brown when exposed to an EO sterilization process.

Physical Characteristics:

  • Width:  24 mm (EO)
  • Length: 50 meters
  • Packaging: 30 rolls in one case

Indicator Ink.

  • The Sterilization Indicator ink used in printing is water based.
  • USA based company. 
  • Non-toxic and lead free process indicator.
  • Accurate indicator colour change.

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Shelf life 24 months
Package 30 rolls in one case
Width 24 mm (EO)
Length 50 meters

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