kayoSure Helix PCD Test Strips for ETO, Type 2 – 4 Lines

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Application :

The Helix PCD Test Strips for Ethylene Oxide monitoring system has been developed to check each batch of the Ethylene Oxide sterilization cycle. The indicator system may be used for pure Ethylene Oxide under low pressure conditions.

Product Description :

KayoSure Helix PCD Test Strips for ETO, Type 2 indicator according to ISO 11140-1, used with specific test load so called process challenge device PCD and a detector ( indicator strip ) inside.

The PCD consists of an external highly durable case containing an internal stainless steel tube connected with a durable PCD can be used for several thousand applications. 

The PCD process challenge device by Kayo consist of a metal capsule. With high resistance and durability for different chemical indicators to be held by the capsule. The PCD system must be processed along with the load to be sterilized.

Benefits :

  • Simple application the chemical indicator may be easily removed and evaluated on completion of each cycle.
  • Easy interpretation of the results due to precise colour change.
  • Continuous reproducibility of the results.
  • The graduated colour change of the indicator bars. 
  • Environmentally friendly, no unnecessary waste.
  • Indicator strips can be disposed with normal garbage.
  • The indicator colour chemistry is a non-reversible chemical reaction and remains colour fast over time.

Shelf Life : 3 years.  The Lot No., Expiry Date and Manufacture Date is printed on the Indicator sheet.

Environmental Limitations : 

Storage: In provided sealed packaging at room temperature 10°-38°C and 10-60% Relative Humidity. Keep away from light and heat exposure

Standards Classification :  ISO 11140-1, Type 2.

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Room temperature 10°-38°C

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