kayoCheck Integrating Chemical Indicator, Type 5 For EO

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kayoCheck Integrating Chemical Indicator, Type 5 For EO

  • Suitable for EO Sterilization.
  • Lead and Heavy Metals free.
  • Color Change to Reference Color or Equivalent.
  • Comply with ISO 11140-1, TYPE 5.

The KayoCheck Indicator (Ethylene Oxide) is designed to be used in Ethylene Oxide (EO) gas sterilizers. When used as directed the indicator gives a visual confirmation that the items being sterilized have been subjected  to  the  parameters  of  time,  EO  concentration  and  humidity  according  to  EN  ISO  11140-1. The Indicator (Ethylene Oxide) is intended to be used in conjunction with a standard infection control monitoring protocol.

Product Specification :

  • Designed for EO gas to be used in sterilization.
  •  Lead and Heavy Metals free.
  • Clear and Accurate indicator colour change.

Performance Characteristics :

When all EO sterilization parameters have been met, the indicator symbol change color from Blue to Golden / Brown.

Stated Values : 600 mg/l EO, 54°C, 20 minutes, RH > 30%

Physical Characteristics:

  • Lamination : Top
  • Dimensions : 23mm X 66mm
  • Packaging : 250 indicators in a zip lock moisture barrier bag.

Environmental Limitations : Storage: In provided sealed packaging at room temperature 10°-38°C and 10-60%Relative Humidity. Keep away from light and heat

Shelf Life : 36 Months. The Lot No., Expiry Date and Manufacture Date is printed on the Indicator sheet.

Indicator Strip Size : 23mm x 66mm

ISO 11140-1, Type 5.

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Dimensions 23mm X 66mm

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