kayoCheck Gamma Circular Chemical Process Indicator (Printed) Yellow to Red

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kayoCheck Gamma Circular Chemical Process Indicator, Type 1 – Plain

SKU: GM-YD-RD-P-5000

  • Self Adhesive.
  • 5,000 Indicator Dots Per Roll.
  • Color Change – Yellow to Red.
  • Comply with ISO 11140-1, TYPE 1.
  • Environment friendly.

Circular Chemical Process Indicator, Kayo Check  GAMMA (GM)Circular Chemical Process Indicator for Gamma are manufactured to monitor when Gamma exposure conditions were met at the point of application using pressure sensitive 

GM-YD-RD-5000 are intended for use with individual units (e.g. packs, containers) to indicate that the unit has been directly exposed to  process and to distinguish between processed and unprocessed units. Gamma. The indicators color transition from Yellow to Red.

The indicators are for use in all  Gamma sterilization processes. Type 1 Process Indicator.

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Dimensions 12.7 mm (0.5” diameter circle)
Color change Yellow to Red
Use Gamma sterilization

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