kayoCheck Circular Chemical Process Indicator for EO, Type 1 (Maroon to Green – Plain)

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  • Self Adhesive.
  • 5,000 Indicator Dots Per Roll.
  • Color Change – Maroon to Green
  • Comply with ISO 11140-1, TYPE 1.
  • Environment friendly.

KayoCheck Ethylene Oxide (EO)  are manufactured to monitor Circular Chemical Process Indicator for EO whether EO exposure conditions were met at the point of application using pressure sensitive adhesive. EO-MD-GD-P-5000 are intended for use with individual units (e.g. packs, containers) to indicate that the unit has been directly exposed to EO process and to distinguish between processed and unprocessed units. The indicators color transition from Maroon to Green

Instructions For Use :

1) Use an indicator on each item, pack, peel pouch, or tray intended for  EO sterilization. Place at a location considered most challenging for EO gas to reach.

2) Upon exposure to  EO, the indicator will transition from Maroon to Green. The transition color  may vary depending on the load configuration, length and conditions of exposure. A color transition from Maroon to a shade of Green provides indication of exposure to EO.

3) If the signal color is still not achieved immediately following exposure, allow the indicator  to aerate for 20 minutes. If the signal color is still not achieved, this suggests ideal sterilization conditions may not have been met. Determine if the load was successfully sterilized by examining a biological indicator,     or re-sterilize the load using a new chemical indicator.

Compliance : ISO 11140-1:2014 Sterilization of health care products – Chemical Indicators- Part 1: General Requirements

Shelf Life : 2 years from the date of manufacturer.

Storage : 15°C to 30°C

Disposal : Discard as general waste

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Dimensions 12.7 mm (0.5” diameter circle)

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