KAYOAMPS Biological Indicator Spore Vial for Steam, log 5

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CAT. NO.:  BI-GB-SV-105

Product Description : KAYOAMPS steam is a self-contained biological indicator for use in monitoring the efficacy of 121°C, 132°-134°C Steam sterilization cycles.  KAYOAMPS is easy to use, no laboratory testing or analysis required. KAYOAMPS units consist of Geobacillus stearothermophilus (ATCC-7953) inoculated onto ap paper carrier, which is placed into a thermoplastic vial that serves a culture Tube. A small glass ampoule containing sterile culture medium and color indicator is also contained in Vials.

Medium :

  • The culture medium consisting of Soybean casein Digest base, is filled into glass ampoules and flame sealed. The ampoules are exposed to a steam processing cycle to render them sterile. The seales ampoules are of convenient size to be placed into plastic body with the spore paper. The ampoule is easily crushed when the plastic body is compressed. This provides the spores with a nutrient medium to growth
  • The culture medium has a pH Indicator (Bromocresol Purple)) which appears purple. After activation (when the plastic body is compressed ) if the medium changes to yellow it indicates viable spores were present, grew and produced acid.
  • If the medium remains purple, the spores did not grow, indicating they were killed in sterilization process.
  • There for if sterilization process was not effective, the spores will grow and turn the medium yellow.If any ampoules show signs of visual colour change or turbidity prior to use, they should be autoclaved and discarded.


  • Remove an appropriate number of KAYOAMPS units from the box
  • Identify the indicators by labeling pertient process information 
  • Place the  KAYOAMPS Biological indicator in a suitable test pack which is representative of the load (e.g., a linen pack for load  of linen, a tray of instruments for metal goods)
  • Place this test pack in the most challenging areas of the sterilizer, generally on the bottom shelf near the door over the drain.
  • Process the load as usual.
  • Remove from the sterilizer and allow the pack and biological indicator to cool for a sufficient time, at least minutes.
  • Retrieve the KAYOAMPS Biological indicator from the test load 
  • To activate the media, break the glass ampoule, this will allow the growth media to come in contact with the spore strip

Incubation Condition :

  • Any microbiological incubator that is adjusted to  55-60°C will satisfy the incubation conditions for the KAYOAMPS Steam biological indicator to culture the strip in KAYOAMPS biological indicator, compress the plastic vial with a crushing device to break the glass ampoule. This will allow the growth medium to contact the spore strip. Ensure the spore strip is completely saturated with the culture medium. Do not allow the culture medium to come in contact with the filter in the cap at any time
  • Place the activated in the incubator rack and incubate immediately.
  • The medium in the plastic tube should be observed for color change for 24 hours

Storage :

  • KAYOAMPS biological indicator should be stored at room temperature. The indicator should not be stored near sterilants or other chemicals.

Precautions : 

  • The indicators of Geobacillus stearothermophilus (ATCC-7953) must be autoclaved at 121° C for at least 30 minutes prior to discarding.

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Use Biological Indicator Spore Vial for Steam, log 5
Pack size 100 Vial per pack
Minimum population 1.0 X 105
Shelf life 18 months
Spore Geobacillus stearothermophilus

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