Easy Fill E-fill Pipette Filling Device Grey Body/Violet collect and Plungers

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  • MICROLIT EASYFILL, annelectronic pipette filling instrument,nis a simple yet powerful blendnof sophisticated featuresnand functionality.
  •  Designed by our in-house team ofnproduct design engineers withnergonomics and intuitivenhandling in mind, it offersnSingle Knob Dual Dispensing Mode.
  •  MICROLIT EASYFILL helps innperforming sensitive operations withnhigh precision, accuracy and reliabilitynin practical laboratory environment.
  • Autoclaving ParametersnThe Collet Assembly andnthe 0.2 microns In-linenMembrane Filter, containednwithin it, are fully autoclavablenat 121 °C and 15 psi for anduration of 10-15 minutes.
  •  Operate Non-Stop for 8 HoursnMICROLIT EASYFILL usesnNi-MH 3.6 V rechargeable batteriesnin combination with low powernconsumption circuit and vacuumnpressure/pump, facilitating 8 hoursnof continuous operation.nA Battery Charger, compatible withnboth 220 V and 110 V, is providednas an inside-the-box accessory withnall models of MICROLIT EASYFILL.

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Model NE-GV-220V
Body Type Grey Body
collet and Plunger Violet Collet and Plunger

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