Aerojet Automated

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 Dry aerosol fog of H202 based disinfectants

* Compatible with surface environment disinfectants

* 3D contact with area coverage accuracy

* Uniform spread and sufficient contact time

* Very thin film deposition, no excessive wetness

* Space treatment : Up to 15000 cuft

* Sate for medical equipment's

* Continuous running: 60 minutes

Digital User Interface for Automated Process :

  • Enter room size & set the volume of room under the treatment.
  • Pour required solution advised by the machine.
  • Delayed start to leave the premises & Auto OFF operations. Can Save up to 10 different room sizes.

Applications :

  • Hospitals: Operation Theaters, ICUs
  • Pharmaceutical Plants: Sterile areas
  • Laboratories: Microbiology, Tissue Culture
  • Food Processing, Animal Houses, Hatcheries
  • Disinfection Treatment again Disease Epidemic

Available Options


Throw : Height 5Oft : 28ft
Ultra low Disinfectant solution consumption 200ml/1000cuft - 7ml/m3
Aerosols submicron size (non wetting)
Solution Tank Assembly 5 Ltr., SS Gr. 304 or are Tor meaical equipments 5 Ltr. Engg. Plastic Tank Set
Accurate dosing 35ml/minute flow rate

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