Ready To Use Media Broth

Accura Bio Q manufactures a variety of microbiological ready to use media with different kinds of neutralizers, inhibitors & enrichments as per customer requirements for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Microbiology Laboratories. Mainly the RTU (Ready to Use) media plates are used for environmental monitoring, Microbial Limit Test for Water, Products and microbial diagnostics testing purposes and its uses confirm with regulatory requirements for cGMP. Each unit and Pack will assure distinct certification of sterility assurance and providing complete traceability. All the varieties of media and consumables are versatile and can be customized to fit your needs. All the COAs (Certificate of Analysis) and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) of materials will get online for all our RTU media i.e. through our web site directly by providing the lot number. We also provide support for all Qualifications & Validations, Trainings and Documentation to fulfill your requirements for Regulatory Compliance.