Radiant Innovations


Foggers & Disinfectants :

  • Radiant manufacture fogging systems for ULV dispensing of pesticides, biocides, fungicides replacing manual methods to achieve faster hygiene & sanitation. 
  •  Radiant fog vapor fumigation technology is extremely useful in sterile areas of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, research labs, food processing industries. Radiant next generation aerial disinfection technology combined with Eco friendly fumigants/disinfectants provides proven, safe and validated alternative to toxic formaldehyde or chlorine-based fumigation process.

Sanitiser Dispenser


No touch dispenser for hand disinfection.

No chance of cross contamination

No compromise.

Fogstar Power Jet

Generates ultra fine aerosol fog with greater volume & area coverage capacity.

An ideal tool for fogging disinfectants, fumigants, biocides, fungicides, sanitizers & pesticides.

FOGSTAR POWERJET enables user to select optimum droplet size & flow control allowing to generate fine mist (1-3micron), medium fine mist (3-10 micron) suitable for all type of chemical treatment.

FOGSTAR POWERJET is ideal for aerial fumigation in operation theatres, laboratories, clinics, disinfection in food & beverage plants, disinfection in animal houses, pest control hospitality sectors etc.


Generates vapor of oxidizing free radicals out of H2o2 disinfectants.

Gas like diffusion.

High volume of aerosol output.

Large area coverage with complete coverage accuracy.

Shorter treatment time & treats more rooms without stopping.

3D aerosol contact, very thin film deposition.

Sturdier, least maintenance & long lasting.

Complete kill: Virus /Bacteria/ Spores.


We Manufacture fogging systems for ULV dispensing of biocides, fungicides replacing manual methods to achieve faster hygiene & sanitation.

We have taken the philosophy of the automatic hand disinfection & feet sanitation to a new high.

Located in Western India, Radiant has the design & development team with technical expertise supported by manufacturing infrastructure & pan India marketing network.We aggressively seek out the latest product developments internationally and bring them to our customers through alliances and exclusive product acquisitions.

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