Yantra 05 Plastic Tank

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** Gas like diffusion.

* Hig Generates vapor of oxidizing free radicals out of H2o2 disinfectants.

h volume of aerosol output.

* Large area coverage with complete coverage accuracy.

* Shorter treatment time & treats more rooms without stopping.

* 3D aerosol contact, very thin film deposition.

* Sturdier, least maintenance & long lasting.

* Complete kill: Virus /Bacteria/ Spores.

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Automatic Dosing 160ml/min
Delay Time or Auto Switch off Timer 0-60mins
Solution Tank & Lid Engg. Plastics Tank Set 5 Ltr. Capacity with Graduated Markings Tank Gasket - Silicon Grade
Solution Tank & Lid 5 Litre Stainless Steel Gr. 304 (Autoclavable) Liquid Filling Nipple - SS 304
Machine Weight 6.0 kg portable. (with Plastic Tank set)
Treatment of 100 sq. ft. area 200ml. disinfectant solution
Space Treatment upto 16000 cu. ft
Power Supply 220V, 50 or 60hz
Spread & Reach 50ft Distance &28ft Height

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